Sunday, April 15, 2012

It's Sprummer time!

So today's summer-like temperatures got me thinking about strappy sandals, beachy hair, and fun sundresses...which led me to think about calloused heels, winter-hat hair, and pasty skin. It's during these in between times or 'sprummer' days where the temps are hot and we're so tempted to don our summer best & brightest--when we realize that we're not quite ready to bare it all. But with a six to eight week lead time, you can be summer-ready and we'll provide you tips from now until 90 degrees hits!

Up first? Color! Summer evokes dreams of beachy blonde and those naturally sunny highlights--which are difficult to come by for most of us who work or go to school indoors this time of year.  The key with prepping for summer color (if you want it to look like nature's sun kissed glow) is to start going a shade or so lighter at your next appointment. Then for your next appointment (in four to six weeks depending on your regrowth) you can go a little lighter.
Whether your blonde, brunette, dark brown (or somewhere in between)--there's a summer color made just for you!

Just make sure you're using the right products to protect your color and keep it from drying out under the harsh summer sun--and especially if you plan on hitting the pool.

Up next a how to on the hot 'sprummer' hair trend--the fishtail braid.

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