Sunday, April 15, 2012

It's Sprummer time!

So today's summer-like temperatures got me thinking about strappy sandals, beachy hair, and fun sundresses...which led me to think about calloused heels, winter-hat hair, and pasty skin. It's during these in between times or 'sprummer' days where the temps are hot and we're so tempted to don our summer best & brightest--when we realize that we're not quite ready to bare it all. But with a six to eight week lead time, you can be summer-ready and we'll provide you tips from now until 90 degrees hits!

Up first? Color! Summer evokes dreams of beachy blonde and those naturally sunny highlights--which are difficult to come by for most of us who work or go to school indoors this time of year.  The key with prepping for summer color (if you want it to look like nature's sun kissed glow) is to start going a shade or so lighter at your next appointment. Then for your next appointment (in four to six weeks depending on your regrowth) you can go a little lighter.
Whether your blonde, brunette, dark brown (or somewhere in between)--there's a summer color made just for you!

Just make sure you're using the right products to protect your color and keep it from drying out under the harsh summer sun--and especially if you plan on hitting the pool.

Up next a how to on the hot 'sprummer' hair trend--the fishtail braid.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Perfect Birthday Bash!

Did you know? Jenniffer & Co. has a Children's Menu! A day at the spa just got even better! Mother and Daughter can now enjoy beauty bliss together! This is the perfect gift for your child. We also have a great space to host birthday parties!

Age Under 4

Pedicure $15
Manicure $10
Make-Up $10

Ages 5-10

Pedicure $20
Manicure $15
Make-Up $10

Ages 11-15

Pedicure $25
Manicure $20
Make-Up $20
Mini-Facial $25

Call to book your appointment North Salon 440-257-8300 South Salon 440-266-4247

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Help those in Chardon-Join Us at Brandon’s Prom Promise Fashion Show!

Thursday, March 1st from 7-9PM at Memorial Junior High School there will be a fashion show featuring all of the latest formal wear trends. The proceeds from this event will go to the Brandon Shima Foundation Against Bullying and the victim’s families of the Chardon High School shooting. Tickets will be sold at the door. Admission is $10 and includes a T-shirt, or $5 without a T-shirt.
Sponsors of this event include Expressions Bridal and Formal, Jenniffer & Co. Salon and Spa, Jesse Web Entertainment, American Commodore Tuxedos, and Virginia Marti College of Art and Design.
Brandon Shima was a Mentor High School Student who passed away suddenly last year. Brandon was known by his classmates and his peers to be the Protector, the one to watch over everyone and always ensure everyone was safe. To quote a message that was left by a classmate on Brandon’s Facebook Tribute Page, “Brandon would always be the one to stick up for those that usually do not get stuck up for and he would be their friend.” It was because of Brandon’s beliefs and what he stood for that inspired the foundation’s motto to Connect and Protect. The foundations idea is to get his message into the schools, raise awareness and empower students to get involved. It will help to start programs and student Connection Communities that will keep anti-bullying relevant and the idea that they as individuals can make a difference; encouraging them to come up with their own ideas and implementing them in their schools to keep themselves Connected to one another and seeing to it that they are Protecting each other along the way.
In the wake of the recent tragedy in Chardon, Brandon’s message is more important than ever. Jennifer Pealer, owner of Jenniffer & Company Salon & Spas explained, “As a community, it is our duty to reach out and help those in need. Through Brandon’s foundation programs can be implemented into schools to ensure a safe environment for our children.”
For further information, please contact Jennifer Pealer at 440-266-4247

Friday, January 27, 2012

Makeup Tricks & Tips- Paris Fashion Week

Makeup Tricks & Tips- Paris Fashion Week

Image Credit to Harper's Bazaar

This look is simple-Part your hair in the center and go neutral with your base makeup. For foundation, we love TIGI Mineral Tint Beach Glow. This product is an all in one foundation and moisturizer! To make your eyes glow, use TIGI's Liquid Eyeshadow.

Image Credit to Harper's Bazaar

Place your hair in a high ponytail and leave your fringe out. Using a 1 1/2 inch (or larger) curling iron, curl your fringe away from your face. To get the perfect cat eye, TIGI's Liquid Eyeliner does the trick!

Image Credit to Harpers Bazaar

Leave this color up to the  professionals at Jenniffer & Co! Have your stylist lift the color in your fringe area and then glaze it to get a nice even tone. If you are feeling wild, check out the new colors from Goldwell's Fascinature collection. Don't forget to always enhance your brows! We love this tutorial.
Image Credit to Harper's Bazaar

For the perfect smokey eye, search no more! TIGI's Imperial Grey creme shadow is long wearing and fabulous.
Image Credit to Harper's Bazaar

Prepare your eyes with TIGI's Liquid Eyeshadow Enhancer, and then apply the High Density Eye Shadow shade in Black.
Image Credit to

Less is sometimes more-for this look, all you need is TIGI's Precision Eyeliner on your lid and some TIGI Mascara!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hairdreams Extensions~ The Perfect Solution for all of Your Hair Issues!

Our salons carry Hairdreams Hair Extensions. These extensions are perfect for those who are in need of length, volume, a pop of color, or have hair loss issues. Schedule an appointment for a complimentary consultation today to find out how Hairdreams can work for you. One of our friendly associates will help you find the perfect extension for your hair type.

Gain your youthful look back with Hairdreams extensions.
Is your bob boring? Create volume and texture with Hairdreams.

Did you find the perfect updo for your wedding but are in need of some more thickness? Hairdreams extensions can solve that problem and give you some sexy length for your honeymoon!

The options are only limited to your imagination. With feathers and extreme color highlights her blue hues are striking.

Add some sparkle to your day! Whether it is a special occasion or you just want to stand out, these are gorgeous!
Photo Credit to Hairdreams
Photo Credit to Hairdreams
Is your hair too dark to lift to a light blonde? Quikies extensions are a great alternative and will not harm your natural hair.
These highlights were created with Hairdreams quikies. They are an inexpensive alternative to permanent extensions.

Photo Credit to Hairdreams

Hairtdreams offers special wig halos that are long lasting.
Photo Credit to Hairdreams

 Is your look unique? Stand out even more with our variety of extensions!

Sultry, luxurious, hair can be yours!

Add a pop of color without the processing time!

Curly or straight the options are endless no matter what your hair texture is.

The color varieties are endless with Hairdreams extensions. The new vibrant red colors are incredible!

Hairdreams Extensions are perfect for adding length!

*Please not all photography on this page is credit to Hairdreams. The opinions on this page are the statements of Jenniffer & Company.

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Trends!!

Bring in the New Year!
2012 Trends!

The holidays are over and we all can use some excitement. Why not get excited about the latest and greatest 2012 trends!

Peplum Tops - My favourite alternative to the humble t-shirt or tank next year will be the peplum top. It is inspired by the 1950s ultimate feminine silhouette, defining the waist to make the body more hourglass, or creating the effect for those lacking in natural Marilyn curves. Our lady straw poll suggests that this could be a win-win for all women's body shapes.

Statement Pencil - Pencil this trend into your shopping list for 2012! Nothing hugs the hips like a classic pencil skirt and like the peplum top, it does wonders for showing of your curves and defining the silhouette. Moving on from last season, the 2012 pencil skirt is seen in bold statement patterns and unexpected materials that will lift it into something unexpected and special. For a casual yet chic look, I will be wearing mine with an oversized sweatshirt.

Evening Sweatshirt - No longer just for a lazy Sunday morning in front of the TV, the sweatshirt gets seriously chic, and becomes another key piece in the 2012 wardrobe. Taking the shape of a sweatshirt, but made in either an eveningwear material, such as chiffon or satin, it works equally for the ladies who lounge (with style-conscious friends), and for nights out in town. Decorated with sequins or other eveningwear inspired trims it has the kind of sparkle its gym-worn relation can only dream of!

Menswear with a Feminine Touch- A classy feminine top with menswear inspired shorts and a belt combines with seamless harmony.

Royal Blue fit for a Queen- Does this color look familiar? Duchess Catherine loves this shade and so do we!


Center Part- This is a easy way to change your style! Beware on some ladies the center part can look glam, but on others it can make you appear older...eek!

The Perfect Pony- Slip your hair up while it is still damp to achieve this look!

Easy going 70's Glam- Bring out the Topsy Tail for this simple style.

Va-Voom! We love this style. Simply set with pin curls or use hot rollers.

Glamorous Waves- to achieve this look curls sections of hair all in the same direction using a 1 1/2 inch curling iron. Brush the curls out lightly to give the hair a tousled look.

Beautiful Braids- Head to your stylist for this elegant look.


Modern Cat Eyes-The familiar flick of liner returned to the outer corners of eyes but this time fashioned with inventive, even playful, variations (who says that up-tick has to be tapered? Why not apply two layers of liner instead of one?).

Featured: Dolce & Gabbana
Read more: Spring 2012 Makeup Trends – Best Makeup Trends for Spring 2012 - Harper's BAZAAR 

Modern Cat Eyes-Southern belle swoops at Badgley Mischka

Read more: Spring 2012 Makeup Trends – Best Makeup Trends for Spring 2012 - Harper's BAZAAR 

Sporty Cheeks-Brush up on your blush techniques with an apricot hue for this look

Doll Lashes- Time to purchase some falsies! Apply the lashes to both the upper and lower lids for an extreme "doll like" look.

Pantone released the above colors for their spring 2012 collection.

Tribal Touches- by Missoni

The Future is Now- Clutches take on a whole new meaning and are big enough to fit our new iPads!

50s Mule - Mules are making a comeback, and 50s inspired sexy summer mules are the perfect accompaniment to a modern Thelma & Louise getaway outfit, along with a chiffon head scarf and big sunglasses. Pair them on trend with dirndl and volume skirts, summer dresses, slinky shorts, skinny jeans and the New Capri pant.

Sorbet Colored Shoes-Yves Saint Laurent

Sexy & Unique- mesh together for this look by Louis Vuitton.

1.Jaana Jatyri

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